From the inception of the FT86 platform, we worked feverishly with our global R&D teams to engineer a coilover system that is worthy to be installed on such an iconic vehicle. Our HSD development team made the bold decision to create two applications for the FT86 Platform. Essentially working with the existing difference in the OEM factory suspension, we pushed those differences further, giving both coilover kits their own personality at the limits.

* The main primary FT86 application pays respect to the classic Toyota AE86 vehicle that started it all. PART NUMBER = HSDT60MP

* The special order BRZ (STi) inspired Subaru application allows the coilover kit to remain more neutral when driven at its limits. Additionally our recently 2014 version will also feature theHSD MONOPRO BLACK series coilover. Which have special refinements that ensure coilover longevity and peak performance. PART NUMBER = HSDS23MP

"Both coilover offer exceptional comfort, bold performance, and the long life all HSD customers are use to.”

Lead Engineer: Jae, HSD Korea

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